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Gardening Gloves

Nov 16, 2023

Gardening gloves are essential for any job in the garden, no matter how big or small. Whether you’re protecting your hands from dirt, thorns and splinters, moving building materials around for a new garden build, or need to keep your fingers warm when the mornings are chilly, we have a wide variety of gloves to choose from.

Our range of leather gardening gloves are chosen for their quality and durability, offering your hands rugged protection against sharp thorns and abrasive dirt. Featuring knuckle straps, safety cuffs, reinforced palms and strengthened finger-tips, our multi-purpose gloves are a great choice for keeping your hands safe while you work in your garden. Choose from ladies’ gardening gloves and men’s gardening gloves in a range of colours and designs.

Our range of polyester gardening gloves provide plenty of non-slip grip to keep your tools firmly in-hand. They’re suited for garden work of any level from pruning to DIY, with great resistance to abrasion and tearing from building materials.

Our nitrile gardening gloves are also ideal for any task in the garden. They have a thin, snug feel that doesn’t get in the way, whilst offering plenty of protection from thorny plants. Available in a range of different sizes, it’s easy to find a pair that fits perfectly.

If you’re looking for heavy duty gardening gloves, our range of neoprene gardening gloves are designed for more intense work, offering assured protection and durability. Whether you’re handling harsh and rough materials or using heavy tools, you can count on them to keep your hands warm, clean and protected.