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The Best Work Gloves of 2023

Nov 19, 2023

Made of traditional materials and with a classic look, the Wells Lamont Deerskin Full Leather Winter Work Gloves offer abrasion resistance and multiple layers of protection from the cold, making them the warmest work gloves on our list. The deerskin exterior is tough but flexible and relatively lightweight compared to rawhide gloves.

We found these gloves supercomfortable to wear because of their soft inner lining that’s designed to keep hands warm in winter. Because we were testing all of the gloves in warm weather, we had to come up with some way to determine whether this pair would keep our hands warm. We froze flexible, gel-type ice packs and then wrapped them around the gloves. Every 15 minutes, we inserted our hands to see if the inside of the gloves were getting cool. We checked three times.

Each time we checked, the gloves felt slightly cooler but not uncomfortably cold. We felt as though they would keep our hands warm enough to perform most outdoor tasks in cold weather.

We also tested them for durability by wearing them when digging with a shovel, raking, and pruning roses. The buttery-soft leather held up well to gripping and pulling tasks, but a thorn poked through while we were pruning, so we feel these gloves are better suited to light-to-moderate-duty winter tasks because they’re not as rugged as rawhide or suede.

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Get the Wells Lamont Deerskin work gloves at Amazon, Ace Hardware, or Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Product SpecsMaterials:Water-resistant?Feel and fit:ProsConsGet the Wells Lamont Deerskin work gloves at Amazon, Ace Hardware, or Blain’s Farm & Fleet.