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Fortnite Grapple Gloves: where to find them and how they work

Aug 14, 2023

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 has been a wild ride for fans of jungle exploration, but it has also been one of the game’s least mobile seasons. As we inch closer to next month’s Season 4, though, Epic seems ready to reintroduce some movement opportunities to players by bringing back the beloved Grapple Glove.

Arguably the game’s most popular mobility item, the Grapple Glove is certain to please fans everywhere by providing a much faster way to move around the battle royale map (which can be the key to winning). Here’s what you need to know about the return of this exciting tool.

The Grapple Glove has 30 charges and can be found on the ground and in chests, so rounding one up shouldn’t pose too much of a problem. It’s an Epic rarity item, which should make spotting one a little bit easier due to its bright purple glow.

Once you’ve obtained a Grapple Glove, you’ll now be free to use it to quickly move around the map. You can do this by equipping it and then connecting to the white grappling spots that show up on many surfaces, which will propel you toward that object. Once you’re in the air, you can quickly swing to other surfaces and structures to maintain mobility, allowing you to rapidly cover ground – though it’s worth noting that it takes a few swings to reach maximum speed. We’d recommend grappling to spots that are higher off the ground so you can get plenty of space to continue your movement.

Note, however, that if you fail to connect to a new surface within a few seconds of using the Grapple Glove, you’ll incur a cooldown that will keep you from using it again for some time. This cooldown will also begin if you’re shot while swinging around, so make sure you exercise caution and time your escapes or advances properly to account for this possibility.