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The best smart gloves to keep you warm in 2023

Jun 19, 2024

We’ve all been there. It’s freezing outside; you can barely feel your nose and your breath is condensing into clouds in front of your face. You try to check your phone and have to pull your glove off to work the screen. It’s like grabbing an icicle.

Well, there’s a handy solution (excuse the pun). This is our rundown of the best smart gloves on the market. Your fingers will no longer need to brave the elements.

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This knitted pair of gloves from Nike feature a silicone grip, so your phone won’t be slipping out of your hand anytime soon. They're made out of warm knit fabrics, built to retain heat. Usefully, they're fitted with touch-screen compatible thumbs and forefingers.

A great budget glove, they feature Nike’s signature branding and come in some stylish earthy tones, perfect for the ice-cold winter weather.

Ozero's cycling smart gloves are a great affordable option. They feature touch screen fingertips on the index and thumb, perfect for using your phone on the go over the coldest months.

They also feature a waterproof shell to keep your hands dry. The shell makes them shower-proof and resistant to rain and snow. The seams are not fully waterproof, so don't dip your hand into any ice-cold lakes (although, perhaps avoid this in general).

There's a silicon gel imprint on the palms and fingers too, which is great for holding onto your phone or steering a car wheel, keeping them safe and steady. Ozero also provide a thermal cotton lining to keep your hands warm, which they state is suitable for as low as -10℃.

Renowned outdoor clothing brand Patagonia produced a soft pair of shearling gloves that make the perfect winter gift. The stylish shearling runs across the back and the wrist, and the palm features a water-repellent nylon finish to keep you cosy.

The thumbs and index fingers are touchscreen compatible, and the glove is made entirely with recycled material. They also feature elastic wrists with pull loops, designed to seal the hands from the cold and make them easy to take off and pull on.

These gloves from mountaineering brand Black Diamond feature a lightweight, stretchy design, which they state is perfect for daily use, outdoor sports, or layering under ski gloves. This pair features a fleece shell for warmth and a conductive material that covers the entire palm for complete touchscreen compatibility.

This pair of gloves from Uniqlo features their signature 'heattech' material, great for protection from the winter weather. They claim this material absorbs moisture and insulates the gloves, plus the added outer layer provides protection from cold air for an optimally warm experience.

The main advantage of these gloves is their smart technology: the whole palm is touchscreen compatible, so you can use your phone with ease. There's a silicon print for grip and they come in three stylish colours, so you'll be able to find the perfect pair.

Trendoux aimed to make this pair of smart gloves as soft as possible.There's an anti-slip palm for grip, soft knitted material and a lining to keep them warm and windproof. They feature touchscreen capability in the thumb, index and middle finger for all your smartphone or tablet needs.

This pair takes the smart glove to a whole new level. They feature a Gore-Tex membrane to keep your hands completely dry and Gore-Warm technology with Thermacore Insulation to keep them warm. For a glove this heavy-duty, it's impressive that they're fitted with Burton's screen-grab technology in the fingertips.

They also come with a separate pair of liner gloves with a sticky grip palm for when the weather improves. It doesn't get much warmer than this.

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