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More Song Ratings: NBA YoungBoy, Key Glock, Fredo Bang & More

Jun 04, 2023

Strangely, rumors were circulating that 03 Greedo was killed this weekend. The good news is that I believe he’s alive and well. Some more good news is that he dropped a new banger called “Rich On Grape Street.” In the song, which is powered by this smooth, bass-booming beat, Greedo talks about his come-up, his haters, and his untouchable stature using a very infectious melody. I think this s**t is a solid listen.


This is one of Fredo Bang’s hottest releases this year. I love the s**t-talking he does throughout the song. I also rock with the way he seamlessly switches between an emotional singer and a gritty rapper. Oh, and the New Orleans-based beat he does his work over is absolutely fire.


Conway The Machine, 38 Spesh, and Lloyd Banks all drop bars full of Godly punchlines, gangsta lyrics, and undeniable flows in “Latex Gloves.” Oh, and the beat they do their work over is unbelievably great (The beats from last week were incredible).


BKtherula sounds like a woman version of Playboi Carti (She might be the first woman rapper to get her Playboi Carti on). In “CRAZY GIRL P2,” she gets her most significant endorsement yet: A feature from NBA YoungBoy! Together, they hit us with some of the mumbliest/waviest raps I’ve ever heard.


Wait, folks aren’t wearing Amiris either now? (The other day, I threw away all my Louie because Drake told me to.) Whatever the case may be, “No Amiris” is flames. I like the cold-ass/slow-tempo beat, the catchy hook Peezy hooks us up with, and Key Glock’s bossed-up verse that has him denouncing snitches and showcasing his luxurious items and women. Talk your s**t, kings.


In “Special,” Dave and Tiakola sing and rap in English, French, and Yoruba. In other words, this is easily the best international release of the week. Aside from the myriad of languages you’ll hear, the song has a feverish tempo that is fun to listen to and some pretty demonic lyrics courtesy of Dave.


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