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Best Gardening Gloves: Top 5 Products, According To Expert Reviews

Jul 09, 2023

Many look forward to spring as the season to get out in the garden and grow something! Even if your thumb is closer to black than green, with a little patience and some research, you can get your garden blooming. And one of the first tools you’ll need to get started is a good pair of gardening gloves. Never get in the dirt without them! To help you find the right fit, we’ve compiled 12 experts’ consensus top picks of the best gardening gloves to keep in your supplies.

Gardening is a peaceful pastime that may yield more than just a good harvest. A recent study shows that gardening can actually improve your body image. Also, researchers from the University of Florida found that gardening benefits our mental health. And new research also suggests that gardening leads to healthier eating, more exercise and reduced stress, helping to lower the risk of cancer, chronic diseases and mental health disorders.

Some people choose to garden for the fresh fruits and vegetables and to save money at the grocery store, others purely for the enjoyment of it. Gardening is a vital component of living an off-the-grid lifestyle and can give you more control over your food. Plus, gardens are great for bees and other insects, for cleaning the air, and for improving soil health.

Whether you’re just starting out on your gardening journey, or your thumb is as green as they come, your hands will need some protection. So, if you’re ready to get your garden on, start with one of the top five best gardening gloves on the market. Have a go-to you don’t see on our list? Let us know in the comments!

A popular first pick by many of our experts, Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Gardening Gloves are comfortable, utilitarian, and relatively inexpensive. Win, win, win!

Garden Betty raves, “Available in a range of sizes from small to extra large, these lovely green pull-on gloves from Pine Tree Tools are ideal for working in the garden all year round, at a more than budget-friendly asking price. Made using soft, breathable bamboo, they keep you warm during cooler weather but offer plenty of air circulation in the summer. Fitting like a second skin, you’ll easily be able to feel whatever you’re working with, and can even use a touchscreen phone. Offering zero stress and maximum comfort, they’re super lightweight and will never irritate your skin. These gloves are soft and cozy—not clumsy or clunky like alternative products.”

“The soft, breathable, hypoallergenic bamboo fabric on the back helped keep our hands dry and cool even after wearing the gloves for 30 minutes,” adds Bob Vila.

Insider says they come in a wide range of sizes. Thir tip for choosing the right one? “They come in five sizes and have a snug fit, so you may have to size up depending on your preferences.”

Tom’s Guide touts the nitrile coating on these gloves: “The thin nitrile coating offers excellent grip and dexterity in both wet and dry conditions. These gloves are also thin enough that you can feel the delicate stems of vegetable and flower transplants, yet rugged enough to protect your fingers from scrapes, soil and spiky vegetables.”

Real Simple says they’re a good all-around, inexpensive choice. “The gloves are made from nylon, which makes them machine-washable. However, nylon, which is a synthetic fabric, isn’t breathable, so it won’t wick away sweat that may build up while working in hotter temperatures. Still, our tester was pleased with the performance, calling them ‘well-made for a pretty basic style of glove’ and would ‘recommend these gloves to anyone looking for a basic gardening glove that can handle a variety of tasks.’ What’s more, you get two pairs for the price of one.”

GearLab says they fit like a glove — er, sock: “These gloves fit and feel great. The elastic back and band make this glove feel like a sock for your hand. The protective latex layer is flexible and holds up well against dirt and thorns. This product also allows for dexterity and makes it easy to pick up small seeds. …This is a workhorse glove for a quick pruning or replanting project.”

With a name like StoneBreaker, is it any surprise that these gloves were made for major tasks? “Tougher gloves we’ve seen don’t give you this much dexterity; thinner gloves don’t shield your hands as well,” writes Wirecutter.

Reviewed claims their superior design makes them worth their high price tag, writing, “If you want to own just one pair of gloves, the StoneBreaker Gloves are the gloves to buy. These goatskin/fabric gloves are sensitive enough for fine weeding, but sturdy enough for grabbing thorny stems and rough-edged bricks, and they’ll keep blisters at bay during long pruning sessions. Their fingertip seams have a slim profile, and don’t interfere with fine-detail work. These gloves’ light color and breathable fabric backing keeps them cool on hot, sunny days, and the palms are water-resistant.”

Better Homes & Gardens touts their toughness and durability: “A combination of North American deer skin and split cowhide creates a tough, durable glove that’s ideal for all kinds of work in the garden and beyond. Double-sewn seams decrease the frequency of rips and tears, and overwrapped leather patches provide more protection at common wear and abrasion points. Extended cuffs with hook and loop tape closures help prevent debris from getting in. Sealed shock-absorbing padding offers protection without extra bulk, so you can easily get your work done.”

These women’s gloves are just right for comfort in the garden, with breathable material and even touchscreen compatibility.

“The Firm Grip Women’s General Purpose Synthetic Leather Gloves are our top pick because of their durable construction and thoughtful features such as a terry cloth thumb to wipe damp foreheads and touchscreen compatible fingertips. Our tester wore these gloves for approximately 30 minutes while regularly caring for her garden and said they were comfortable and well-made gloves. Thanks to their breathable mesh backs and synthetic leather palms, she said these gloves felt durable without being ‘heavy duty’ like some work gloves are designed. We love that these gloves are touchscreen compatible, so you won’t have to worry about yanking them off every time your phone rings,” writes The Spruce.

Real Simple likes their light, breathable feel. “Breathability is one of the most important factors to consider when buying gardening gloves. If your gloves aren’t made of a breathable fabric, your hand will get hot. Not only that, but if the material is rigid enough, it could cause blisters. Even though these gloves are made from synthetic materials, which are generally not supposed to be the most breathable, our tester found them lightweight enough to offer ‘good breathability.’ This can be attributed to the mesh spandex, which can be found primarily on the front of the gloves. The underside, which includes the fingers and palm area, are padded with synthetic leather for protection.”

Better Homes & Gardens says they’re durable and easy to clean: “Reinforced seams at common wear points add durability, and the padded palm enhances comfort, especially during repetitive tasks. If they get dirty, the gloves are easy to clean—just throw them in the washing machine when needed.”

These gloves are hard-working, heavy duty, and come in a 12-pack, so you’ll have plenty to get you through your hardest jobs! MindBodyGreen enthuses, “Don’t let the price fool you: These cotton gloves are surprisingly durable. Designed for all kinds of industrial work, they have rubber-coated palms and fingers for protection from small thorns and splinters. With devotees spanning from mechanics, farming, and professional landscaping, they’re comfortable enough to work in all day long.”

“CaliKim likes these double-coated work gloves for heavy gardening, which she defines as ‘digging up garden beds, digging holes for larger plants or trees, heavier pruning, and more strenuous outdoor projects,’ because the double coating makes for ‘easy handling of full-size garden tools such as shovels, cultivators, pitchforks, or hoes,’” writes The Strategist.

Tom’s Guide suggests keeping a pair anywhere you think you might need one, since they come in a 12-pack. “Buy these gloves and keep a pair in your car, house, garage and wherever you might need them. These would be a great value for community gardens or beach cleanup projects with multiple workers as they are not expensive and are very durable.”

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