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These cricket gloves offer both flexibility and protection

Jul 07, 2023

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world, and youngsters around the globe continue to don equipment and get in the game. For those playing, batting gloves are an important accessory that is vital to both success and safety on the pitch.

Cricket batting gloves are designed to balance flexibility and protection, offering enough padding to prevent injury when the ball makes contact but also proper flexibility to play effectively.

Our guide will take a look at this balance and other considerations in choosing the right cricket batting gloves. We’re also making several product recommendations at the end, including our favorite, SG Test White Cricket Batting Gloves, which are durable and comfortable and designed by a trusted brand.

For long, three- or five-day matches, protection is important, as a batter may have to defend for longer periods. If you’ll often be playing in this format, you’ll want added protection. For short matches, like T20 play, defensive work may be limited, and you’ll likely want a glove that features more maneuverability than cumbersome padding.

It’s important to choose a glove that matches the skill of those playing around you. Protection is important as the ball is likely to make contact with your hands. However, if you’re playing with bowlers who aren’t as fast and strong, you may not need extra padding, which tends to be heavier and makes it harder to grip the bat.

Cricket batting gloves are either right- or left-handed in construction. That’s because the thumb of your front, leading hand will be more exposed when holding a bat. That glove, and the thumb in particular, will have more padding than the other glove to keep you safe when a ball comes your way.

Protection comes in different forms, especially when it’s trying to maximize flexibility. Some options feature sectional padding on the fingers, where the padding is broken near the joints to allow you to grip and bend easily. Other gloves may come pre-curved; these take time getting used to, but the design is effective for batting where you don’t need to extend your fingers.

While in international competition, all gloves must be white. For casual league play, you may be able to play with a color of your choosing. Color won’t affect play, but it can add a bit of personality to your game.

The most popular choice for cricket batting gloves are those made of leather, as the material is durable and protective. Some may be somewhat porous, too, allowing more breathability.

An alternative is polyurethane, which is a synthetic leather that comes at a lower price without sacrificing toughness. However, this material typically isn’t as airy. Some gloves may have a cotton liner within for sweat absorption and added comfort.

A wide range of quality cricket batting gloves will cost between $30 and $55, with your choice of color and material. For frequent, intense players, higher-end gloves will run up to $100.

A. It’s advised to wear thin gloves underneath your batting gloves to avoid perspiration and moisture attacking the material, as this can cause it to wear down over time. Before storing gloves, dry them completely. In the off-season, wrap them in a towel and stow them away in a cool, dry place.

A. If you are able to, it’s worth investing in a second pair of gloves. It will allow you to alternate gloves to let a pair take a day off, especially if you’re playing frequently and the gloves are taking a beating. You may want a second pair to be slightly different than your first if you’re playing different types of cricket.

SG Test White Cricket Batting Gloves

Our take: High-quality gloves from a trusted name in cricket equipment.

What we like: Offers immense protection as well as comfort. Foam absorbs the majority of the impact. Includes cotton liner.

What we dislike: Some had issues with its palm leather quality.

Where to buy: Available at Amazon

SS’s Men’s Superlite Pro Batting Gloves

Our take: Lightweight, stylish gloves that allow for much flexibility at a low price.

What we like: Sectional finger design and sheep leather material make for easy movement and gripping. Terrific value.

What we dislike: Impact protection is not as high as others.

Where to buy: Available at Amazon

SG’s Ecolite Batting Gloves

Our take: Balanced gloves that are ideal for casual and recreational players.

What we like: PVC provides adequate protection. Cotton liner absorbs moisture. Breathable and light. Solid value.

What we dislike: Some comfort concerns. Lacks high-end protection.

Where to buy: Available at Amazon

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