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Under 200 Shekels: I Stayed at Israel's Cheapest Accommodations So You Don't Have to

Jul 04, 2023

From capsul hotels to Airbnb rentals: Our reporter set out to find the cheapest accommodations in Israel and was pleasantly surprised – some of the time

As these lines are being written, there’s no more worthwhile place in Israel to take a vacation than in the Wadi Araba Camp. You’ll pay a mere 41 shekels ($10.80) a night for a cool cabin opposite a stunning desert landscape in Moshav Zofar, about 120 kilometers (75 miles) north of Eilat. For that price, you get a private toilet/shower, towels, sheets, unlimited toilet paper, free parking – and even a continental breakfast. “Only a few rooms at this site remain for your dates,” importunes, as though there were an unlimited supply of anything in the world. I made the reservation.